About Guinniss

Babenhausen paxlovid pfizer buy Guinniss was with us for 14 years. During this time he inspired so many and his story has improved the lives of thousands of dogs. Learn more about the dog who is behind this foundation.

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What We Will Do

how much is covid going to cost We lost Guinniss on June 22, 2016. However, we knew his story would go on. He taught us that life is too short and that should celebrate our pets. Learn more about what we plan to do.

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Coming Soon

Indio paxlovid coste We are just launching The Guinniss Foundation. Stay tuned here for more details soon. Check us out on Facebook.

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Welcome to The Guinniss Foundation


Guinniss was a champion. He overcame challenge after challenge, inspired many, improved the life of thousands of dogs and lived each day full of joy. He was a goofy boy, who was sensitive, intelligent and fiercely loyal. He was an old soul and we always knew he would continue to do more even after he had physically left this world.

Throughout Guinniss's life he overcame behavioural and physical challenges. He was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, and although he finally succumbed to the illness, he fought through it every day. Taking each day with a smile, he was an inspiration to all.

Guinniss inspired this foundation and our goal is to help others celebrate their pets. We will provide assistance, equipment and support to those who have pets with terminal illnesses. These programs will expand to help owners complete their pet's bucket lists (think of us as a Make A Wish Foundation for dogs) and overcome behavioural concerns.

Stay tuned for full details shortly!