A Teacher

He was terrified. New people, things and situations were scary and he responded through noise. He was reactive, he was fearful, he was sensitive, he was intelligent and he was just so darn sweet. We knew with the right approach, that same sweet boy we saw at home could learn the world was safe. His journey inspired the creation of a dog training and daycare business that has set the standard in the industry. He taught us how to listen to dogs, help them and learn to work together. His lessons helped thousands of dogs live successfully in our urban life.

A Champion

He suffered allergies, physical injuries and health concerns from stress. In the later years, he was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. Regardless, he found joy in life, lived each day to the fullest and always kept smiling.

His Full Story

It takes a special dog to inspire the creation of a foundation. Read the below articles to learn more about our inspirational champion:

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Saying goodbye